Tibor Somorjai Kiss

Basic Lithography Course
15-27 July 2013

Assistant: János Barta

Language: English (German consultation available)


Hungarian University of Fine Arts, main building, 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 69-71.


This is a course about the most versatile printmaking technique, which is over 200 years old. Lithography was the most widespread printmaking technique in the 19th century throughout Europe. It is now in its second renaissance.

Participants can learn the very basics of lithography - even secrets and tricks that cannot be found in textbooks. After lectures, participants can make their own lithographies with the help of the course leader and the assistant.

Schema of the course:

  • safety rules
  • brief summary of the used materials
  • history of lithography: from Senefelder till present
  • preparing the stones
  • selecting the technique based on formerly made sketches
  • trying various techniques, such as crayon, liquid and paste ink, asphaltum techniques, 3B pencil techniques, autograph paper and many more...
  • etching the stone: system and alternatives
  • monochrome pictures
  • chromolitography: two or three-coloured or multi-coloured pictures
  • printing the lithographies - tips, secrets and practice
  • signing rules, tips about presenting the prints
  • tidying up the workshop

Number of participants: minimum 8 persons, maximum 16 persons

Equipments, tools:

Participants should bring working clothes (trousers, T-shirt etc. that can be inky, greasy, spotty), already made sketches, pencils and ink pens are needed

HUFA can provide all the materials inks and basic papers on first-cost only. Special lithography papers are not included: can be obtained personally.

The materials mentioned above are indispensable for all participants of the course!

Upon request HUFA will obtain the necessary tools in advance on first-cost, (please contact the administrative coordinator at before 25 June 2013).

Course code: 11320025

Somorjai Kiss Tibor was born in 1959, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He studied printmaking, graphic and book design from 1979 to 1984 at the Academy of Visual Arts (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst) in Leipzig. He has been teaching at the Graphics Department of Hungarian University of Fine Arts since 1991, where, currently, he is university professor and the Head of the Graphics Department. He won the Munkácsy State Art Award in 2002.

Solo exhibitions

2012 Find Your Home, Hungarian Cultural Institute Bratislava, Slovakia
2011 Lightstation, Bartók 32 Galéria, Budapest
2009 Transit, Ráday IX Galéria, Budapest
Transit, At Home Gallery – Synagogue, Šamorín, Slovakia
2007 In Pair, with Barbara Formanek, Karinthy Szalon, Budapest
2004 Slovakian Museum of Hungarian Culture, with Robert Jancovic, Bratislava, Slovakia
2003 Godot Gallery, Budapest
Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2002 Gallery IX, Budapest
2001 Horváth Endre Gallery, with András Baranyay, Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Cultural Institute of the Hungarian Republic, Prague, Czech Republic
2000 Grand-prize exhibition, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc, Hungary
1998 At Home Gallery Synagogue, Šamorín, Slovakia
Exhibiting house of Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1997 Benedictine High School, Pannonhalma, Hungary
1996 Himmelreich Galerie, Magdeburg, Germany
At Home Gallery Synagoga, Šamorín, Slovakia
1995 Gallery 78, Sopron, Hungary
Gallery by Night, Studio Gallery, Budapest
At Home Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia
1994 Ericsson Gallery, Budapest
Óbuda Social Circle Gallery, Budapest
1994 Winkelmann Museum, Stendal, Germany

Group exhibitions (selection)

2012 Sacred and Profane, Mountain Gallery, Budapest
Brooding Photos, National Dance Theater Gallery, Budapest
2011 International Drawing and Graphic Biennial, Győr, Hungary
The Masters of Graphic, Ráday IX Gallery, Budapest
2010 Kuusi mestaria, Promenadigelleria, Hyvinkaa, Finland
Graphic-Art-Teachers, Gallery 78, Sopron, Hungary
2009 Grfik over graenser, Rudetaan, Coppenhagen, Denmark
International Drawing and Graphic Biennial, Győr, Hungary
2008 XXIV. National Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, Hungary
2007 SENSARIA, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2006 The Masters of Graphic, Nádor Gallery, Budapest
LITOGRAPHY - V. National Color Print Graphic Exhibition, Szekszárd, Hungary
FRESH EUROPE, KOGART-house, Budapest
PRINTMAKING100, Széchényi Library, Budapest
AGE-pictures, Budapest Gallery, Budapest
Printmaking Department 2001-2006, Exhibiting House of Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2004 XXII. National Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, Hungary
MRLME exhibition, Bologna, Italy

Prizes, scholarships (selection)

2011 Ion Ionescu-Quintus Prize
Iosif Iser, International Contemporary Graphic Biennial, Prahova, Romania
2009 Special Award, International Drawing and Graphic Biennial, Győr, Hungary
2008 Kovács Tamás Prize, XXIV. National Graphic Biennial, Miskolc, Hungary
2005 Graphic Art of the Year, prize of the Association for Hungarian Graphic Artists, Hungary
2005 Life-work Prize, Šamorín City, Slovakia
2004 MAOE Prize, Biennial of Small Graphic Forms, Újpest Gallery, Hungary
2002 Munkácsy State Art Award
2001 Prize of the Art Union Of Hungarian Engravers
Experience and Ideal, National Exhibition of Fine and Applied Arts, Gödöllő, Hungary
2000 Prize of Godot Gallery, 20th National Graphics Biennial, Miskolc, Hungary
1998 Grand Prize, XIX. National Graphics Biennial, Miskolc, Hungary

Bibliography (selection)

Imre Tolnay: Footprints in the sky, Balkon, 2011/3
András Lengyel: From far away gravel, close up: star... Balkon, 2010/1
Imre Tolnay: About our being here, passing through, Új Művészet, 2009/11
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2012 Guest Professor, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Slovakia
2005 Saxa Loquuntur c. habilitation lecture, HUFA, Budapest
2001 Tradition and innovation in lithography technology - Tradition and innovation performances of Hungarian contemporary artwork, MRLME Symposium, Budapest
1998 Lithography courses / lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
1997-2000 Drawing, Graphics, Painting, course / lecture, Free Summer School in Miskolc Gallery, Hungary
1997 Lithography courses / lectures, Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Arts, Den Haag, The Netherlands
1996 Lithography workshop, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia