Summer Academy Budapest 2013

Public summer program at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Summer Academy Budapest of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (HUFA) will take place from 15 to 27 July 2013. Within the framework of the program, courses in various specializations will be held on various topics in three languages - English, Italian and Hungarian - during a two-week period. The courses of Summer Academy Budapest will be conducted by artists and theoreticians teaching at the HUFA. The studios of the university building, built around the turn of the 19 th century and located in the centre of the capital, provide an ideal environment for the high-level creative and research work that is to take place during the program.

Aside from the artistic milieu of the university, course participants will also have a chance to experience the vibrant cultural life of Budapest. In their free time and in the weekend, participants can enjoy the wide array of programs offered by the city: exhibitions, theatre performances, concerts, baths, cafes, ruin pubs and local gastronomy. Some cultural programs will be organized for course participants.

Summer Academy Budapest is open to applications by artists, art students, and art historians, as well as those wishing to acquaint themselves with various art media. The program series aims to accommodate the creative needs of its participants, and - through its courses at various levels - to contribute to their artistic, theoretical and practical development. The courses provide participants with an opportunity to strengthen their skills and abilities, while also giving new impetus for the individual interpretation and development of artistic orientation. No entrance examination is required for participation in the course.

As a unique feature of the Summer Academy Budapest, the courses provide an opportunity for experimental work conducted in the newest media, for acquiring a professional skill set in working with traditional media, and for gaining insight into older periods of art history.