Attila Grőb

Advanced Video Game and Movie Industry-based 3D Courses
15-27 July 2013

Language: English


Hungarian University of Fine Arts, 1063 Budapest, Kmety György utca 27, Intermedia Department, basement (Computer Lab)


Based on the introductory modelling course, participants gain insight into the advanced modelling processes currently used by the industry and in practical approaches to manufacturing.

The course will include specific references to characteristics of both the film and game industry. Separate examination will be conducted of the hard surface and organic modelling directions.

Building on a university-level foundation of art education, at the end of the course, participants will be able to understand and use industrial tricks of topology/modelling and texturing.

The course is designed to provide participants with a combination of classical art skills and competence in digital techniques, thus enabling them to meet the strictest standards of the profession.

The lab has PCs with Autodesk software and Leonar3Do Stereoscopic Virtual Reality device.

Number of participants: minimum 8 persons, maximum 10 persons

Equipments, tools: Laptop, free version of 3dsMax for students downloadable from Autodesk website (for homework)

Course code: 11320021

Note: The courses will be held daily from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm

Attila Grőb attained his first master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked as a professional video game character artist for more than ten years.

Games and animation films

2007 Cyber Guru - Tonuzaba – Character Artist
Magic Test Dummies - Tonuzaba – Senior Character Artist
Hidden Continent – Tonuzaba – Senior Character Artist
2006 Verne Adventure – Tonuzaba – Senior Character Artist
Gray Matter by Jane Jensen – Tonuzaba – DTP – Senior Character Artist
Golden Cage – Brain Factor – Senior Character Artist
Croc Hunter – Steve Erwin animation project – Brain Factor- Character Artist
2005 Cyber Gladiator – Tonuzaba – Character Artist
Alexander – Brain Factor / Nagual – Ubisoft – Character Artist
2004 Counter Strike Clone – P3 (Netherlands) - Environment Artist
Wing Chun animation project– Brain Factor – Senior Character Artist
2002 World of Chaos – Brain Factor – Senior Character Artist
Babylon5 demo project – Philos Labs - Environment Artist
World of Chaos – Brain Factor – Senior Character Artist
2001 Nexus-Jupiter Incident–Mithis Games–HD Interactive - Environment Artist
Alcatraz / Rebels – Philos Labs – Hip Games – Environment Artist
2000 Tim7 – Philos Labs – DTP – Character Artist

Games and animation films at 3d brigade outsource studio and os-os

2011 King Arthur 2 – Neo Core / Ubisoft – Senior Character Artist
Sine Mora – Digital Reality / Grashoppers – Leading 3D Artist
2010 Two Worlds 2 – Take Two – Character Art Director
My Beetz DS – Sproing Interactive – Artist Supervisor
My Beetz – Sproing Interactive – Artist Supervisor
2009 K11 – Sproing Interactive - Character Artist
Heroes of Might and Magic 6 – Ubisoft – Artist Supervisor
2009 Perfect Dark – 4J Studio / Microsoft – QA Supervisor and Leading Artist
2008 Authorized Autodesk Trainer – Mesh Array Digital Media School
Gothic 4 - Spellbound - Character Artist
Dangerous Hunt -Activision - Character Artist
Azada 2 - Big Fish Games – Activision - Character Artist
Anno 1404 – Ubsoft - Character Artist
Witcher – CD project / Atari – Character Artist
Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Wi Climex/Konami- Environment Artist
Overlord 2 - Triumph/ Code Masters /3D Brigade – Senior Character Artist
Raven Squad – Digital Reality/Atomic Motion - Environment Artist
2007 Fear - Sierra – Environment Artist